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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pinned Down And Painted Up...

Pinned down and painted up... That's how I've always liked My "men". I discovered My attraction to forced feminization at an early age when I first lost My virginity. It was then for the first time that I stripped off My boyfriend's shirt and smeared My too-red lipstick all around his lips and the areola of his nipples.

Flustered and humiliated, he began to whine and complain. I shut him up by shoving his face in My cunt. I spent the next four days dressing him up like the hot little pussy-licking and cock-sucking dyke fag I knew he was. If I couldn't have a girlfriend at the time, I would make myself a girlfriend out of the willing man slut that I had with Me.

That's right little sluts, Mistress is Bisexual Goddess and I love to fuck around with gender and sissy girls like you. In fact, I will fuck your gender so hard it hurts--turning you inside out from a "man" into a cock-sucking slut.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Rules Of Passing

Not everyone's goal is to "pass" as a cisgendered (non transgendered) woman. However, the tips I will give you on this blog are about how to do exactly that.
Here are some tips on passing and solutions to fashion faux pauxs committed by more than one sissy.

  1. Skirt length- Unless you are going straight to meet a lover, don't wear a skirt shorter than four inches above the knee. To check if a skirt or dress is too short stand in front of a full length mirror, butt facing the mirror. Bend over as if you are picking something up, look at your tushy in the mirror. If you can see your own underpants your skirt is probably too short. Either be very very careful about bending over or change!

  2. Control top pantyhose should be your little secret-We've all seen control top panty hose right? They're those fabulous pantyhose that keep everything all tucked in. Just a regular pantyhoe with super ultra stretchy "shorts" looking portion at the top of the waist and legs. You should never ever be able to see the little "shorts" portion of your control tops. If you can see that, your skirt or dress is WAY WAY to short! One way to remedy this is to wear a little pair of "booty shorts" (tiny little stretchy short shorts) under your skirt or dress. This can be a very cute sixties style look.

  3. Wig Too Big- Do you have a small head? Well you'd better figure it out before you go out and buy a wig that's too big for your little head. This looks ridiculous. For best results go to a wig shop in the morning when it first opens or call ahead to make sure someone there will be able to help you or email/call the site you are ordering from and ask them how to properly measure your head. Most stores will know how the different brans of wigs fit and will be able to show you how to measure that gorgeous nogin of yours.

  4. Scuffed up Shoes-You can pick up shoe polish at any Payless shoes for very cheap. For patent leather (shiny shoes) use a little bit of nail polish remover or acetone on a cotton ball to wipe away scuff marks like magic! Cause your sexy white gogo boots aren't sexy but sad when they are all scuffed up!

  5. Dry Cracked Heels-Don't wear sling back or open back shoes without giving yourself a pedicure! Make sure to slather on lots of lotion at night. Also buy a pumice stone or other foot scrubbing device (I love THe PEd Egg which is about $9.99 at Target, Riteaid, Walmart etc) to get rid of those ugly calloused feet. Nothing says "careless" like gross ugly feet!

Welcome To The Sissy Salon!

The purpose of this blog is to educatate sissy's on the fine art of feminization, including beauty, makeup, hair, dressing, wigs, sitting and "passing" in public. We'll also talk about safe sex, meeting online lovers and other exciting topics each week! Suggestions are welcome!